“Le goût du risque”

« Le goût du risque » (A taste for risk ) by  Andréa Marcolongo, Patrice Franceschi, Loïc Finaz – Grasset Editions – 16 €

This collective work is salutary for all those who question the profound meaning of their lives. How to live life to the full while accepting the end. The end must no longer tyrannize us to the point of undertaking nothing, or we would be anaesthetized by an existence exclusively framed by norms, precautionary principles, a single consensual way of thinking, by the fear of becoming singular in a society reduced to the management of its mass.

The authors invite us to go beyond all these barriers, to draw from the depths of our being what our life allows us to become, by surpassing ourselves and committing ourselves to a simple notion: experimenting with true freedom, free from the constraints of image. Being rather than appearing. Being free and taking the risk are the only source of joy and radiance, and ultimately useful to others.

Modern society imposes formatting on us by default, via the precautionary principle, societal and even health standards, and digital identity, thus condemning our fundamental freedoms, as if living well boiled down to a risk-free existence. The authors castigate this lie, highlighting all the recent absurdities in a glossary.

This ode to daring seemed to be reserved for a few minorities, committed men of all types-entrepreneurs-adventurers-artists-writers. Now, “the taste for risk” opens up this horizon to everyone, the better to encourage us to remain free and enterprising so as to finally “take care of others” with full knowledge of the facts. In concrete terms, this means experimenting with silence within ourselves to better listen to others, no longer fearing the unknown, not believing our own thinking as unique, refusing useless quarrels as mainstream thinking sometimes suggests, knowing how to commit to causes where there are only blows to be taken, remaining humble in the face of nature, taking our share in humanity and finally cherishing this freedom that makes us so singular and unique. But knowing its price means knowing how to defend it should it be threatened. The authors call for moral rearmament in the face of threats, first and foremost by maintaining a critical sense, cultivating common sense, practicing daring and scorning death.

“Risk is consubstantial with life”, the authors rightly remind us, so let’s fill ours with joyful audacity.


Edouard Lagourgue 

An adventurer-humanist and former Chairman of Solidarité International (2013-2018), he is an expert member of Défis Humanitaires and supports a number of associations, including two working with the injured and victims of terrorism. Formerly head of a company in Africa, he is now a director of a number of companies and associations.







Book available in bookshops or online : https://www.grasset.fr/livre/le-gout-du-risque-9782246834151/ 

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