The National Humanitarian Conference 2020: undeniable advances in the field of law.


By Philippe Ryfman


EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Eric Chevallier, Director of the Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.


An interview of Erich Chevallier, Director of the French Center for Crisis and Support (CDCS)


Humanitarian Challenges: Assessment 2020, Outlooks 2021


An edito by Alain Boinet.



How to protect humanitarian actors in the context of anti-terrorist armed conflicts: relegitimise or sanction?


An article by Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier, International Legal Director at MSF


Humanitarian Aid Sanctioned?


An interview with Thierry Mauricet, director general of Première Urgence International


Security and development in the Sahel: a book to understand … and to act.


An book review by Pierre Brunet.


The resilience of populations and the importance of (very localised) governance in the Sahel.


An article by Hamada (Wandey) AG AHMED.


Humanitarian aid: insecurity data.


An article by Défis Humanitaires.


What protection for humanitarians?


An article by Alain Boinet.



Nile: the dam of discord


 An article by Méline Peyrot.


Interview with François Grünewald “The humanitarian action in question”.


 An interview with François Grünewald.



Drinking water: accelerating public policies to respect Human Rights and global goals.


By Gérard Payen.



Water in crisis(s) “Exclusive interview with Abdoulaye Sene and Patrick Lavarde, co-presidents of the Dakar World Water Forum 2021”.

An editorial by Alain Boinet.



The Sahel is a demographic bomb?

By Alicia Piveteau.



What is the reality of Chinese humanitarian aid in Africa ?

By Alicia Piveteau.



Mali : realities and Myths of the “Triple Nexus”
July 27, 2019

By Emmanuel Tronc, Rob Grace, et Anaïde Nahikian



Wars and persecutions: 70.8 million people uprooted by force in 2018!
July 24, 2019

A presentation by Sarah Boisson



Cholera outbreak in Haiti: what responsibilities for the UN?
June 27, 2019

By Sylvie Rosset



The state of distortion in West Africa. From empires to nation.
May 13, 2019


By Sarah Boisson