COVID 19, a global humanitarian emergency.

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As an editorial, you will find below a radio podcast by Alain Boinet produced by Force For Good by Faircom on the humanitarian response to VIDOC 19. To better inform you and mobilize us, we will publish more regular editions of which we will let you know. Thank you for the information you would send us and that we could relay to readers.

We invite all our friends, particularly in Africa, but also in the Middle East, in the Indian sub-continent, everywhere in the world to send us your testimonies on the situation in your countries and on your initiatives. Défis Humanitaires is an information site and not a humanitarian relief organization, but their testimonies will be useful to inform and mobilize the response as this site is followed in many countries.

In the podcast, among the humanitarian associations mentioned, I forgot to mention Handicap International/Humanity and Inclusion among the actors of the humanitarian response. It is done. It was not possible to mention all the active associations, but they are the essential links in the chain of solidarity and we are thinking of them as well.

We think of all the readers of Humanitarian Challenges and of your loved ones. Wherever you are, stay as much as possible confined, scrupulously respect the distance of one meter with the others and especially wash your hands with soap regularly after outings and before meals.

We think well of you. Let’s show composure, courage, solidarity, resilience, and initiative in responding to COVID 19 in order to eliminate it.

This podcast is available on Force For Good website and also on Soundcloud (only in french).

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